Strategies, tips and stories about backgammon.

Backgammon basics: Rule irregularities

Now that we have tackled the basics of playing backgammon as well as some of the more basic strategies involved with playing the game, there are still a few more things that needs to be discussed. For example, there are certain rule irregularities that exist when playing backgammon. Although only a few, it is still […]

Backgammon basics: Various topics

About Gammons and BackgammonsAt the ending part of the game , if the losing player has been able to borne off at least one checker, he loses only the value that is showing on the doubling cube (the value will only be one point if there have been no doubles on the game). But if […]

Backgammon basics: Hitting and Entering

One of the essential moves or plays when playing backgammon is called hitting and entering. It is considered as a very important attribute that should be learned and remembered by any player who wants to improve their skills in backgammon.A point that is occupied by one single checker of either a black or white color […]

Backgammon basics: How to play a game (Part 3)

For the past few blog posts, I have been discussing how to play a game of backgammon as an aid for those who are interested in taking up this engaging board game. I have already discussed the preliminary basics of the game as well as a number of basic rules. Below are a few more […]

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