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Backgammon Variant: American Acey Deucey (Part 4)

At any time that you have one or more checkers on the bar the first thing that you should doe is to reenter the checkers into the home board of your opponent. You reenter a checker by moving it to an open point that corresponds to one of the numbers of the rolled dice. If […]

Backgammon Variant: American Acey Deucey (Part 3)

In American Acey Deucey the roll of a 1 and 2, called the acey deucey, is particularly useful and valuable. When a player rolls a 1 and 2 the following happens:* First, the player plays the 1 and the 2 using the normal rules * The player then names any roll of doubles that he […]

Backgammon Variant: American Acey Deucey (Part 2)

This is the second part of my discussion of backgammon variant called American Acey Deucey – a very popular version of the game that was very popular in the American military during the second World War. The game is quite easy to play but there are some very detailed rules and ways of playing it. […]

Backgammon variant: American Acey Deucey (Part 1)

Another popular backgammon variant is the American Acey Deucey. This very entertaining and easy to learn version of backgammon was actually a very favorite game of the US Navy, Marin Corps and Merchant Marines ever since World War I.The setup of American Acey Deucey starts with each player having fifteen checkers located off the board. […]

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