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The Impact of Technology on Backgammon

Backgammon has long been known as a leisure activity. It is not a recent invention or innovation but is in fact traceable to the ancient times. Going back to the time of ancient Iraq and Iran, backgammon has been played with the same concept – the boards, the checkers, the dice, and the cup. Of […]

Online Backgammon Gambling

Though some people may associate backgammon with doddering old people who have nothing much to do but play board games in the evenings, backgammon is in fact one of the popular games online today. You can even gamble and win money online by playing backgammon. So how do you get started on that? Before you […]

More Backgammon Variants

Here are more variants of the game that we all love to play. Hyper-Backgammon In this variant, each player starts with 3 checkers, each with their 24, 23, and 22 points. This variant also has the cube in play and makes use of the Jacoby rule. In the first round, matches start with 7 points, […]

Backgammon In Australia

Backgammon is not strictly an American game, that is for sure. You can find gatherings of backgammon enthusiasts is many countries around the world. In Australia, there is a sprinkling of backgammon clubs all over the country. Perhaps one of the most well known clubs is the Sydney Backgammon Club. According to them, they “consists […]

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