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Backgammon Through E-mail?

I have heard of many different venues by which one could play backgammon but to be honest, I was quite stumped by this one – play backgammon by e-mail! I told myself, give it a chance, so there I was reading up on it and trying to understand the writer’s arguments for the venue. The […]

Backgammon Masters in Latin America

Great news for all backgammon enthusiasts in Latin America! This press release from Backgammon Masters Group will certainly get your blood running as they are set to focus their attention on this part of the world: Backgammon Masters Group, online game company is expanding worldwide, placing its attention and resources on Latin American markets. By […]

More Ways to Irritate Your Opponent

In the last post we laid out the first half of Phil Simborg’s list on how to irritate your opponents. Of course the idea behind that post – and this one, too – is to inject some humor into our backgammon experience. I didn’t really expect any of you to employ those “tricks” in a […]

Ways to Irritate Your Opponent

If you had any sense of humor in you, you would have realised immediately after reading the title that this post is intended for entertainment purposes mainly. Though I suppose you might glean some insight somehow, you probably end up laughing more – that is, if you know the least thing about backgammon. Thanks to […]

Recommended Reading for Backgammon Enthusiasts

There are countless books and readings that would be of large help to backgammon enthusiasts of different levels. The main concern that I see here is that some books may not be found in some local bookstores in many different countries. We all know that backgammon enthusiasts can be found all over the world so […]

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