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The Doubling Cube

The doubling cube is something that you have to get to know – and you will know for sure – if you want to get good at the game of backgammon.  Basically, the doubling cube is used to hasten the speed of the game play.  More than that, however, the doubling cube is used to […]

Back To The Basics: More On Game Play

We stopped with the concept of hitting in the last post so let’s pick up where we left off.  Remember that a player can place his checkers on the bar?  This does not mean that the checkers will stay there all throughout the remainder of the game.  In fact, a player can re-enter his checkers […]

Back to the Basics: Game Play

So you’ve started the game by rolling the dice and determining which player is going to make the first move. What is the next step in backgammon? Depending on the outcome of the dice roll, the players get to move their checkers.  There are several scenarios here.  A player can move one checker a certain […]

Back to the Basics

Backgammon has been around for quite some time and so has this blog.  Though we have not been around for as long as the game has – far from it – we have covered many areas with regard to backgammon.  I thought that it would be good to revisit the basics once again, especially for […]

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