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Win Big In Backgammon With These Tips

                                  Photo by Halfsies Are you just beginning to discover the world of backgammon?  Do you think that you cannot win because of your lack of experience?  I suggest that you think otherwise – what you need to do is get up and try to hone your skills.  And while you are doing it, here […]

Why Play Backgammon Online?

Earlier today, I was doing some reading on backgammon online and talking to some friends (who are also backgammon enthusiasts) over an instant messaging platform. Sooner or later, we got to talking about how there are so many online backgammon rooms now. The medium is a far cry from the old school backgammon that the […]

Hugh Hefner: Backgammon Enthusiast

I am sure that you recognize that name – who doesn’t? Hugh Hefner has become a well known name all over the world, thanks to his association with the adult magazine, Playboy. If you are at a loss, Hugh Hefner is merely the man who founded Playboy. As can be expected, most people know him […]

Have You Heard Of FIBS?

FIBS stands for First Internet Backgammon Server. It has been around since 1992 and is absolutely free. So how did FIBS come about? What is it all about? Here are some pieces of information from their FAQ section. What is FIBS? The First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) was created by Andreas (marvin) Schneider in 1992. […]

Get A Classic Backgammon Set

September is a busy time for me. Many members of my family celebrate their birthday at this time of the year and that means that I have to scramble around looking for presents – not to mention that the Christmas season is almost here, meaning that I also have to start looking around for presents […]

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