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What’s The Worst Error In Backgammon?

In any kind of game, there are many mistakes that you can commit.  I suppose that this could be said of any activity wherein there are clear rules as how to proceed.  When it comes to backgammon, what do you think is the worst possible error that you can commit?  I am sure that different […]

Play 65 Offers New Deposit Options

Play 65 is well known for its host of backgammon games and much like a lot of online game rooms, they allow free play as well as playing for real money. Though I suggest staying with the free play games at the beginning, I know that a lot of people feel more thrilled when playing […]

A Challenging Backgammon Variant

There are a lot of variations to the basic game of backgammon – we all know that.  There are some which are more popular than others, that is true, and there are those which are not that popular but are just as much fun.  There are even backgammon variants that are not widely known as […]

Things About Backgammon That You Thought Were True

Every person has a perception of things around him – people, things, events, and so on.  As a backgammon enthusiast, you probably think that your perception of the game is pretty objective and accurate.  But just how accurate is your perception of backgammon?  Are you sure that you totally understand this game?  Let us take […]

Backgammon Keeps Brain Cells Alive

As we age, so does our brain’s capacity.  It is a fact of life.  Human beings have a certain life span and as we near the end of that span, our human bodies will exhibit signs of aging.  We know how old people tend to lose their memory as time passes by.  Who says we […]

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