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More On How To Win In Chouette

As promised, here are more of Phil Simborg’s tips on how to win in choutte. Tip #3: Read your opponents. This could very well be a tip for poker or any other card game that has a similar game play.  You have to be a good reader of people in order to excel in chouette.  […]

How To Win In Chouette According To Phil Simborg

Phil Simborg is known to many of us.  He has been in the spotlight when it comes to a lot of games, backgammon being one of them.  Actually, it was from one of his articles that I got interested in choutte backgammon.  According to him, chouette is one of the most exciting games he has […]

The Basics Of Chouette Backgammon

We had an introductory post on chouette backgammon in the previous post but I felt that there was not enough detail to satisfy the more curious players.  I attempted to come up with a detailed guide but I found a very comprehensive guide on, which I thought would be better to share.  Here is […]

Backgammon For Blood

Only in Russia. Some people take backgammon way too seriously.   Read this news story about a guy in Russia who staked his life on a game of backgammon.  Unfortunately, he lost both the game and his life. The person who won the game and did the murder is named Smirnitsky, and when he was […]

Chouette Backgammon

One of the fascinating things about backgammon is that it has a lot of variations.  Once you learn the basic game – and master it, I must add – you should really try the other variations.  This will not only increase your passion for the game but keep your mind and skills sharper than ever.  […]

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