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Gus Hansen’s Ties With Backgammon

You may not know it but a lot of people who are known for poker have ties which are just as close to backgammon.  Perhaps one of the best known names in poker today is Gus Hansen.  He has indeed earned that fame – he is one of the best and one of the most […]

It’s Easy To Learn Backgammon!

For the regular readers of this blog, you would probably agree with my title.  Indeed, backgammon is quite simple to learn and I saw evidence of this over the Christmas holidays.  I gave my godson a backgammon set – something really simple as he is still a young boy of 10.  I was actually thrilled […]

What Do Poker And Backgammon Have In Common?

I asked a poker friend this question and all I got was a blank look!  That, of course, challenged me and I found myself on a quest over the weekend – to convince my friend that he should try backgammon.  I found a very useful article at Potter World Online: One factor that both games […]

More Important Backgammon Tips

In the previous post, we took a look at several backgammon tips courtesy of Gammoned.  Here are some more of them.  Do keep them in mind when playing and you just might see yourself win more! 1.  Fight for equality early in the game. Battle for your 5pt and 4pts on both sides of the […]

Some Important Backgammon Tips

Are you looking forward to your Christmas break?  I hope that you are lucky enough to have at least several days of rest for the holidays.  I know some friends who are – oh this includes myself, by the way.  We’re all planning on spending a lot of time doing nothing and playing backgammon together.  […]

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