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Windows 7: Backgammon Friendly

Are you in the market for a new operating system? Maybe a new laptop or desktop PC? Or maybe you just like being in the know when it comes to these things. Whichever case you may fall under, you might like to know that Windows 7 is being touted as one of the best operating […]

Who Is Bozorgmehr?

Anyone who can answer that question without reading further than this first statement should be given a backgammon geek award! Seriously, I have to admit that I didn’t even recognize the name when I first read it. So are you ready to find out who it is and why he is relevant to backgammon? Well, […]

Play65 Gets An Award!

For those of us who frequent Play65 to play backgammon, this piece of news will be welcomed with wide open arms.  Gambling Online Magazine’s 2008 Readers’ Choice Awards has been given to none other than this backgammon site.  Webwire has this news report: Play65 backgammon website was named the best Skill Game online in Gambling […]

The Backgammon Board: More Than Meets The Eye

I am sure that you know where that line comes from.  The Transformers has always been a big hit with kids – even before the highly successful movie was launched last year (was it only last year that it was launched?).  Anyway, that tag line has become so famous because of The Transformers but it […]

Do You Have A Strategy?

How long have you been playing backgammon?  Did you learn the game as a child? If you are like many people I know, backgammon was probably part of your childhood.  And while this is actually a good thing – learning things early is always a good thing – it can also put you at a […]

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