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Counting Shots

Counting what? A backgammon beginner might ask that question, and it is quite understandable. After all, for the uninitiated, backgammon might just be a board, dice, and checkers. In backgammon, however, there is such a thing called shot. Let’s begin with its definition. A shot is the chance that a player has to hit his […]

Asia Targeted By GameAccount

Europeans may be familiar with the group GameAccount, as this company has been a significant player in the online gambling world. Here is a piece of good news for those in Asia and South America, though: GameAccount is looking to expand its operations to target these two markets. There is no doubt that online gambling […]

High Stakes Backgammon In Jamaica

What comes to mind when Jamaica comes up? I think of reggae, a tropical paradise – among other things. I have to be honest and admit that backgammon is NOT among the first things that come to mind in relation to Jamaica, though. I was pleasantly surprised when I read a piece of news about […]

Jadestone Offers New Backgammon Network

I heard someone say the other day that you would think that a game as old as backgammon would have died off by now. Naturally, I took up for backgammon, saying that its lasting power is only proof that this game has something to it – more than any other games out there. And when […]

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