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A Quick Guide To Backgammon

A friend of mine was lamenting yesterday that she could not understand the complexities of backgammon. Her other circle of friends has recently taken up the game and she couldn’t keep up with the rest of them. I guess she does not have the patience to learn the intricacies of the game. Anyhow, it gave […]

Flint Librarian: Backgammon Queen

Previously, I wrote about the King of Backgammon. This time, let us pay homage to the fairer sex and talk about the Backgammon Queen from Flint. The American Backgammon Tour recently held a U.S. Open in Washington D.C. from the 4th of June to the 7th of June. The person who emerged victorious is a […]

Uli Koch: King Of Backgammon

Uli Koch is sitting on the left Ever heard of Uli Koch?  If you followed the proceedings at the London Open Champion, you would know who he is.  He has been called my many the King of Backgammon.  How so? From May 30 to May 31, the tournament was held at Doggett’s Coat and Badge […]

Good Buys: Backgammon Sets

I know that eBay has been around for a very long time now and that it has reached unprecedented heights. However, I have not really been buying off eBay all that much. Well, I have bought the occasional video game or book here and there, but I haven’t reached the point wherein I check eBay […]

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