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Backgammon Strategies for Beginners; it’s not just about Luck

The other night a friend asked me if there was a computer program or a book that would help him learn the game. There are, but I asked him first to check out my next posting (today)… because a lot of new players are asking me how to play. At the end of this posting […]

“Michi” Wins Swedish Open Championship

News reports from the Swedish Open Championship held on Sept. 11-13 at the Elite Palace Hotel in Stockholm are that the tournament was extremely interesting and entertaining. 62 championship level players and 42 intermediates played. Players paid about 400 euros to enter and the new online backgammon site Dicearena sponsored the event, adding 5000 euros […]

Backgammon Cheaters Sentenced to Probation and are Barred from A.C. Casinos

Three of the four men involved in a large-scale poker and backgammon cheating scandal at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City two years have received 3-5 years on probation. A fourth suspect was released with no charges last July. The trio is barred from Atlantic City casinos for the time of their sentences. All four […]

Introducing the World Champion Backgammon Player

Meet the world champion backgammon player, Masayuki Mochizuki. He goes by the name Mochy. He was born January 9, 1979 in Tokyo, Japan and is a member of the Japanese Backgammon League, who has played professionally on the international circuit for more than decade. In 2009, Mochy has won the Monte Carlo Backgammon World Championship. […]

Expert’s Advice: Breaking Down Five Backgammon Myths

Backgammon expert Phil Seborg recently commented on the 5 myths about backgammon that I thought everyone out there who plays, whether amateur or pro, might find amusing. So here it goes. The myths: No. 1: It’s All About Luck Of course there is some luck, and at times, in the short run, a lot of […]

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