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More on Online Backgammon; Why it Might be the Next Craze (after Poker?)

Is backgammon the next poker? In terms of popularity. We’ve talked a lot about this on recent postings. But damn it, backgammon is becoming more and more popular and I think someone has to bring this subject up, right? The games have much in common. Their origins date back many centuries ago and since it […]

The Joys of Online Backgammon Playing and Why It’s Exploding in Popularity

I’ve thought about this a lot lately… what accounts for the explosion of popularity of Backgammon? Perhaps it is the fact that you can play online backgammon 24/7. Online backgammon is a popular alternative to more traditional ways of playing the game. First, of course, it’s more accessible…and easier to play than more traditional means. […]

Still the Best: Krull Still is Rated Best Backgammon Player in Greece

Here’s another example of how Backgammon is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in the world. The news here is from Greece (one of my favorite places). The Greek Backgammon Federation launched its 2009/10 season on September 12th, 2009 in a multiplayer tournament, attended by Greece’s top backgammon players, including Greece’s self declared […]

Backgammon Strategies for Beginners: Judging Your Opponnent, a Key Strategic Point

This is the second in our strategy series. If you are a seasoned player, check back because the next blog will pick up with news about world class tournaments. Meanwhile, this posting concerns your opponent. Sizing him (or her) up. Unless you are playing against a computer, every player has some flaws or personal traits […]

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