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A Happy New Year to You All; And Another Strategy Session

I love talking backgammon strategy. For one thing, whenever I do a posting like this, people respond … often by saying I am full of crap. It is cool when people give me their opinions on how to play. Look, backgammon is a fluid game where success can be achieved via a variety of means. […]

Backgammon for Beginners. Second in a Continuing Series: How the Checkers Move on the Roll of the Dice

Last time, about three weeks ago (when I first started this series), I began with the set up of the board. Really the opening act of a beginner’s series. I know that some of you thought it was retarded to start REALLY at the beginning, but lookit, there are folks out there who don’t have […]

Online Power Play: Greek Company, Intralot, Expanding into Backgammon

The online powerhouse Intralot is moving into the backgammon business. This is not surprising news. Intralot, a Greek company, normally concentrates on lotteries (something I know a lot about, see my book to the right), and sports betting. Now, Intralot, or so I am told, has bought into Cyber Arts (35 percent), which provides online […]

A Slight Diversion This Week: Do You Know How Old the Game of Backgammon Is? No? Well it Surprised Me Too.

Most weeks, as you know, I tend to write about tournaments, or players or strategies (for beginners), but in my googling …I came across some interesting stuff about the game that I really didn’t know. For example, I learned that in 2004, some archeologists found an old game in the Iranian city of Shahr-eSukhteh (the […]

Details of the World Series of Backgammon Championship: the Big “Shootout,” are Announced

The World Series of Backgammon Season 3 will reach its climax in London in February 2010, when up to 48 players compete or the biggest prize in Backgammon –  the WSOB Championship, with a guaranteed prize pool of U.S. $480,000. In an announcement released to the press, WSOB officials said the ’64 player draw’ will […]

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