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Pick Your Strategy: Why Not Play a Holding Game?

We all play backgammon differently and feel comfortable playing certain natural strategies. But there are some basic time-proven strategies played by experts. I’m no expert, although I’m trying to be. No, I’m a reporter, so I’ve been looking for ways to up my game. Here’s an interesting strategy I came across recently. If it works […]

The Best Game Ever? Backgammon has a 5,000-year History as Rich as the Game Itself

I laugh when I come across people who have just come across backgammon and act as if it is a new game. Fact is, it’s an ancient game. And one of the most popular games ever. But now it’s becoming popular online and in casinos. The game’s history dates back five thousand years ago but […]

Strategy Session: The End Game

I had an email the other day from a new player who said I have been concentrating too much on the starting moves but not enough on the end game. For him…and thousands like him, here are some thoughts about the Grand Finale. I hope those of you who read this for tournament news will […]

Online Backgammon, the Next “Big Thing”; We Look Forward to 2010 Play and Tournaments

First, to everyone who views this weekly blog (about the GREATEST game in the world, bar none…sorry roulette), I wish you a most happy New Year and many hours of successful playing, whether on a real board in a club or in an online casino. Backgammon really is the coming “big thing,” and I plan […]

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