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Hey, Red Sox Nation, Guess Who Plays Backgammon in their spare time: Dustin Pedroia

To everyone out there in Red Sox nation, and I know there are millions of you, here is one more reason to root for former MVP Dustin Pedroia. He plays backgammon. He recently responded to a posting on the Red Sox web site…er, fan site and this is what he said. Erik from Hawaii: What […]

Coming, Perhaps Someday, to a TV Set Near You: A Backgammon Channel (If You Live in Israel, You Can Get This Now)

I came across this notice…as a press release, and I think it’s pretty awesome for those of us who love playing backgammon. I’m not sure about the availability of this…yet, in the USA. But it’s something you all need to check out. It launched on Mar. 1. It’s called MARS, and its a backgammon channel […]

A Learner’s Guide to FIVE Effective Game Strategies

As you all know, Backgammon is a game that mixes chance… And skill. Yes, there is skill involved. Because a number of our viewers are relative beginners, I like to go over basic strategies every once in awhile, just a way to enhance the playing experience for those who have just discovered the game. To […]

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