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In New Hampshire, Backgammon Behind Jail Bars

I love this story, which I picked up while reading the Keene, New Hampshire newspaper…the Sentinel. It’s pretty funny. In Keene, in the house of corrections, there are game boards set up for the inmates. To play checkers. Chess. And now backgammon? You betcha. Giving inmates the chance to play backgammon is something new. There’s […]

Andy Beal versus ‘The Corporation’

This article is more of a guilty pleasure than an article on poker strategy, so could be of interest to many, including those more used to working with Scratch Cards than playing poker. It is about the billionaire Andy Beal and his attempt in 2004 to beat the best poker players in the world in […]


What is that game called HORSE that keeps popping up in the tournament lobby? What does a horse have to do with poker?!

More Basic, Strategic Moves for the Beginning Player

Look, we’ve been down this road before. We all love the game. So we have to be tolerant of the millions of new players who are just beginning to learn the strategic moves in the game. That’s why I hope you’ll allow me this week to do another strategy session. The first thing to know […]

Hand Held Backgammon Boards a Growing Trend, So Why Not Get One While You’re On the Road?

OK, admittedly I’m big on gadgets. So the other day I began thinking about buying a hand held backgammon. What is it? Pretty simple, as you might expect: A game is small enough to fit in your hand to play when you are on the go, when you don’t have lots of space, or it […]

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