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Crafting Your Best Early Game Strategies: Advice from the Experts

If you’ve been reading these posts for the past year or so, you know that I have never pretended to be an expert in anything. [If I was, I’d be winning cash in tournaments around the world.] I am a reporter. And when I don’t know something I go to experts who do. What you […]

Backgammon Rules: Bearing Off (What Could Be More Important?). The End Game

OK, now to the end game. In previous posts, we’ve talked about various aspects of the game…the rules, as it were. Now, you’ve played. And so we talk about the end game. Bearing off. Once a player has brought all his men into his home board, he can start bearing off. Men borne off the […]

Backgammon in 3-D, it’s Happening NOW, Online

It’s cool to think that my favorite game, backgammon, was played in some form about 5,000 years ago. May it go on for another 5,000. I’m sure it will. The developments in the first five thousand years of backgammon gave no inkling of that at the end of the twentieth century, backgammon stood on the […]

Riviera Cup…a Cash Play Tournament

Hey, you know about the Riviera Cup? It’s part of the annual BG Summer Festival in one of my favorite places, Cannes, France, and it’s held the week after the World Backgammon Championship (in Monte Carlo). It’s also one of the European Series of Backgammon events. This year the event takes place at the Pullman Cannes […]

I take on Electronic (Online) Backgammon Programs

Seriously…. So I decided to take on my computer backgammon opponent. I have a chess program and my Mac killed me. Checkmate, checkmate, checkmate. Now, to backgammon, figuring I might have better luck. First, some background.  BG, of course, is a board game played by two people. In electronic backgammon, one person can play against computer […]

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