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Here’s to the New World Champion: Denmark’s Lars Bentzon (aka Buster)

Let’s all drink a toast to the new world backgammon champion, Lars “Buster: Bentzon of Denmark. The title was decided this July in Monte Carlo. Bentzon is a member of the Danish Backgammon Federation. He is perhapss best known as Gus Hansen’s close friend and former manager. Bentzon becomes the fifth Dane who wins the […]

Nebraska Football Team Plays Backgammon on Road Trips, Ain’t That Cool?

Hey, all you rough and tough football fans out there who think just nerds play games like backgammon. Your own teams play…as a way to relax while on long trips to opponents fields. At least that’s what Nebraska Cornhusker players do. Some of them, anyway. From the ‘Husker site: Steve Glenn remembers when bus trips […]

Quick Tips from the Experts (for Beginners)

Ok, this is one of our most popular features. Because I can’t assume that everyone who reads this knows how to play, I like to run some tips postings. For experienced players, I’ll get back to tournament news next time. Backgammon is game that is played across the board by players at multi-levels – from […]

World’s Oldest Woman Plays Backgammon

Here’s the latest formula for attaining old age: drink vodka. And play backgammon. OK…so what’s my proof? Check this out. Although it’s not yet been confirmed, officials in Russia claim that a woman from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is 130 years old making her the oldest person in the world. What’s her secret? […]

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