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Practice Makes Perfect? Practice Your Backgammon Moves Online

I’ve been asked to write about playing backgammon online. And…what is the difference? Playing online vs. with a board. A real, not a virtual board. Well, duh… The only difference between Backgammon and Online Backgammon is that instead of sitting with a player face-to-face, you take a seat in front of your computer, without being […]

Lawyer By Day, Competitive ‘Gammon Player By Night

A friend in Connecticut sent me something she read in the Connecticut Law Journal and I thought it was pretty cool. The story was about a New Haven lawyer named Marcy Kossar who is getting back into competitive backgammon playing. Good for her. Kossar, we understand, is an avid¬†backgammon player. But for her, it’s more […]

Backgammon Strategies: Factors Everyone Should Take into Account, Not Just Beginners

Look this ain’t no lecture. I love BG. It’s fun to play. I love to strategize (is that a word????) So it’s important to note the important factors that can make your game more competitive. Some of these are so simple. So forgive me for that, you more experienced players. A basic then: adopt a […]

Backgammon 24/7; the Joys of Playing the Game Online. All You Need Do is Download

I’ve said it over and over again. It’s a brand new world online. Imagine how players, thousands of years ago, would react to those of us who can play backgammon online 24/7. They would literally freak out. Some history, now, is appropriate: The backgammon board game has been a firm favorite of all ages for […]

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