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Sushi Backgammon? A Pretty Cool Version of B.G. Available NOW for iPads

I HATE reprinting press releases…so boring, you know? But I had to tell you about this…if you are a backgammon freak like I am. And…if you happen to own an iPad. Blur Labs LLC, a provider of visually stunning mobile applications, has announced the availability of Sushi backgammon for the Apple iPad. Now here’s the […]

They Rock, They Roll…And They Love Backgammon: Meet Canadian Rock Band Falklands

Anyone who has been reading my postings for the past few years knows that I LOVE Canada…and Canadian bands, folk singers, etc. Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Rush, Burton Cummings…I could go on… Now I want to add Falklands to the list. They are one of Edmonton’s most promising musical exports, comprising Mark Budd, […]

Washington State Backgammon Tournament Begins Sept. 19

I don’t usually talk about local backgammon tournaments because most of you reading this post, I have been told, are more interested in strategies, history of the game and players with international reputations. But I’m gonna make this exception. And I’ll tell you why. Bellingham, Washington (state) is one of the most beautiful cities in […]

Tennis Pro Honored by Backgammon Federation

It’s always nice to see famous people promoting our game. One of those famous people is Ana Ivanovic, a tennis player. And a backgammon freak. The U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) announced recently that it is presenting an honorary lifetime membership to tennis star Ana Ivanovic. “The USBGF is pleased to present Ana Ivanovic with an […]

Why Not Try the Blitz Strategy…Pretty Cool Way to Play, Say Experts

I gotta begin as I always do: I am no expert. I love backgammon. I play. I win. I lose. I’m a reporter. When I want to find out something, I go to the experts and let them tell me how to play…and then I tell you. Hence…. The blitz tactic. The idea is to […]

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