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BG Variation: Chouette Involves Three or More Players

I ran across a group of friends who play Chouette. Huh? Duh? What the hell is that? So they told me. And asked me to join in. And damn. It was fun. Chouette is a variation of traditional backgammon that involves three or more players. It utilizes the same basic rules of backgammon but with […]

Backgammon Advanced Strategies: Using the Doubling Cube

I know that for the better part of a year I’ve concentrated on beginner’s strategies, but I’ve received enough emails to know that there are advanced players reading this posting every week and they’ve said to me  — what about u? So here goes. Advanced strategies using the doubling cube. Beginners, bear with us. Although, […]

Isolating Limpers

Isolating limpers makes you money. So listen up!

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