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Want to Try a Cool Variation of a Standard Backgammon Game? Try Tawula, a Turkish Game

Everyone who reads this knows how much I love BG. But every once in a while it’s pretty cool to try a variation on the standard game. That’s one reason I love the internet. You can find sites where these games are available. FREE. Several different variations of backgammon have found their way online

To All Our Loyal Viewers (Backgammon Players) Around the World…

We wish you and your family a very, merry Christmas. And many wins against your best opponents.

As You Surf The Net, BG Players Might Want to Check Out GameGrid

If you’ve never gone to GamesGrid online, you’re missing a great and fun (and potentially profitable) experience. I love it. First, from a viewing perspective, it’s a clean, easy to navigate site. But all the game they offer are so cool GamesGrid offers a variety of features familiar to backgammon fans

Strategy Session: Blitz Your Opponent, Win Money

Remember the Ramones song Blitzkreig Bop? Well, as a fanatical backgammon player, I’d like to think that the strategy of Blitzing your opponent  can be as overwhelming as listening to the Ramone’s song. The key idea, of course, is to attack your opponent’s checkers.

Want to Learn How to Play: Start Online; Find a Website Where You Can Play for Free

We spend a lot of time on this site talking to beginners because, believe it or not (hard to believe for BG fanatics like me), some people don’t know how to play, or if they do, they are not wise as to specific strategies. Essentially the rules of the game are fairly simple. You have […]

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