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Well, There Might be a War Going On….But We Still Have Backgammon

Picture this. Riots in the street. A government crumbling. Chaos. Where are we talking about? Beirut, Lebanon. But life does go on. And thank God for backgammon,

Tawla, or Backgammon in Iran is Very Popular Too (of Course)

How often do you hear that backgammon is not just one of the world’s oldest games, but is still played (perhaps in variation) around the world today. Take Tawla. Tawla is one of the oldest and most famous backgammon strategy games in history, as well as a staple in Egyptian cafes, along with Turkish coffee.

Best Game Ever? Backgammon of Course. It’s Been Played for Centuries.

Every once in a while I like to crow about backgammon, in my mind, one of the best games ever invented. What’s my evidence? Time, dude. How can a game be so popular for so long to so many people if it ain’t the best thing ever. The origins of backgammon are traced back thousands […]

Now Try This: Another Cool Variant on the Standard Backgammon Game; This Time, the Goal is to LOSE (?!)

Yup. The goal is to lose. Of course, to amateurs like me, losing is never a problem. I joke. But intentionally losing. Now that’s another story altogether.

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