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Push to Excite (and Teach) New Backgammon Players is On: High Schoolers and College Students the Target

I noted this item on a news web site and thought…in view of how much we all love backgammon, it would be good to get the word out about a growing movement: The US Backgammon Federation is starting backgammon clubs at  high schools and colleges all over the country. The Fed said, “We will help provide […]

The Importance of Keeping Quiet

Ever noticed that most of the world’s best poker players are the quietest ones? It’s not a coincidence.   Withdrawing and withholding information from your opponents is the key to poker, right? Well, if you follow through with this line of logic, then it makes sense to be as quiet and as passive at the […]

Backgammon Variations: This one is From Russia, and It’s Called “Narde”

The game is called Narde. It’s usually played in Russia on a backgammon board, with 15 checkers for each player. And it’s played like backgammon except for

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