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Rules of the Game: How to Move

You’ll excuse me (veteran players) but I’ve been asked to once again do some beginners postings, so this week (instead of the usual tournament and player news), I’ll blog about movement on the board. We’ve already talked about placement of the checkers in an earlier posting. But if you want me to review that as […]

Backgammon Variant Series: How About the Russian Version, Called “Narde”; it’s Pretty Cool Too

In my never ending search for all the backgammon variant games I can find…cos they are fun… I came across Narde, which is fairly similar to the Turkish Moultezim. Here is how to play: I found these instructions online. So beware. I haven’t played the game yet myself. Setup: Each player starts with fifteen checkers […]

Variations of the Game: Why Not Acey-Ducey

In the game of acey-deucy all the checkers start off on the board. The movement of the checkers around the board is exactly like in regular backgammon. Which means the white checkers have to move from the black home through the black outer board to the white outer board and then

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