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A Creative Artist Shows Off His Backgammon Board Design, and It’s Very, Very Cool

Let’s hear it for artist Dailey Crafton…backgammon board designer for this absolutely AWESOME board. Now, he says on his web site, he is designing the pieces. Can’t wait for that. One of the things I like to do on this site, besides the usual (everyone does this) HOW TO PLAY and STRATEGY posts, is to […]

Celebrity Backgammon Players: “I Love BG” Says Rose McGowan, Starring in the Remake of Conan, The Barbarian

  Au Who doesn’t like Rose McGowan? She’s hot and a very cool actress. She’s 37 and has been in movies like The Doom Generation,Scream, and Jawbreaker.  Next up: the remake of Conan the Barbarian, out August 19. “I’m so impressed by how insane and magnificent I look in the film,” she says. “I was in prosthetics […]

The two easiest skill games to learn

If you plan on taking skill games seriously and want to make extra money playing free online games, then you need to know more than just two games. You cannot continue on playing two games repeatedly as you’ll easily get bored or frustrated with the more experienced players winning always.

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