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Advanced Poker Theory

Those looking at online sites like 888poker note that if you have a marginal hand with good draws, and you want to see another card before making a decision, then a blocking bet could allow you to get to the next card without being priced out. An example: Say you are playing a cash game […]

Playing The Turn in Poker

The turn causes problems because many players just see it as a stop-gap between the flop and the river. But if you can play it well, like every other part of poker, you will profit. Those studying┬ápoker games at sites like note how the turn is often the make-or-break part of a hand; where […]

Using The Doubling Cube

Another basic move or tactic when playing backgammon is called doubling. This is a move that all backgammon players should also know in order for them to play the game at a level that will allow them to play with players of all experience levels. Backgammon is played based on an agreed stake for each […]

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