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Key Opening Rolls in Backgammon

When you play each roll in backgammon there are certain important concepts that you should be able to keep in mind to more effectively play each one. Here they are:1. Focus on the two major goals of backgammon – trying to trap the opponent’s runners behind a blockade AND escaping with your own two runners […]

Combatting Tilt in Poker

It is really difficult in online poker to ward off the effects of tilt. There are just so many individual factors that combine to make you tilt that it is difficult to know where to start. The mere act of playing online poker means that you are playing in seclusion. The natural follow on process […]

Betting in NLHE

I had someone contact me the other day to ask me about one of my recent posts on betting and the reasons behind it. I thought that I did a pretty good job of explaining it but I will repeat what I said in this post because it is one of the most important fundamentals […]

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