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Different Backgammon Games

To the general public, the mention of backgammon probably only means a single game. Yet to backgammon enthusiasts and to those who are potentially interested in the game, the single word can mean a lot. In truth, just like card games there are countless variants of the game, ranging from children’s games to those that […]

Backgammon Myths

In the last post, we talked about some backgammon myths – ideas that prevail in some people’s minds.  In this post, we will take a look at some more of these myths and hopefully, we can dispel them. Backgammon computer programs are a hoax I hear this from a lot of old timers who prefer […]

The Popularity of Backgammon

Backgammon and checkers belong to the family of checkers board games. The checkers, however, was the first one to be discovered. History has it that the game of checkers was unearthed at an archaeological dig site in Iraq. The game found was almost 3,000 years old. A similar game was later found in Egypt believed […]

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