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Great poker books

There is no doubt that the Harrington on Hold’em series both for tournament poker and for cash games have become almost the definitive books in their respective areas. Written and co-authored be ex-WSOP main event Dan “Action Dan” Harrington and the former double world champion at Backgammon, Bill Robertie. The books are written in a […]

How to bluff better in poker

There are several factors that combine to determine how successful a bluff is going to be. We all know about player numbers and that is rather obvious because the more opponents that you have then the lesser your chances are of bluffing. However let us look at a heads up situation exclusively and take it […]

Getting full value in poker

I want to basically continue the theme of what I talked about yesterday and that was the importance of finding value in no limit hold’em and all forms of poker for that matter. There are two scenarios in a hand of poker and this is that you either have the best hand in any one […]

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