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Looking into the past

Backgammon is a popular board game especially meant for two players. It derived its name from the word “back” and a Middle English term “gamen” which means “game” or “play.” The earliest use of the word was in 1650 as documented by the Oxford English Dictionary. The game is played by moving pieces or checkers […]

Taking a look at backgammon tools

So if you fancy a game of Backgammon what type of equipment do you actually need in order to get started? One vital piece of equipment is another human being! You may be able to create a game of solitaire out of a pack of playing cards, but you will find no such luck with […]

A Creative Artist Shows Off His Backgammon Board Design, and It’s Very, Very Cool

Let’s hear it for artist Dailey Crafton…backgammon board designer for this absolutely AWESOME board. Now, he says on his web site, he is designing the pieces. Can’t wait for that. One of the things I like to do on this site, besides the usual (everyone does this) HOW TO PLAY and STRATEGY posts, is to […]

Backgammon for Your BlackBerry…Nice Integration Program Available Improves the Experience

I have a friend (well, more than one) with a BlackBerry and keeps on looking for a great (not good) Backgammon program. He likes Backgammon King. A good program, but now it’s improved. Try Backgammon King by Magmic Games, made for BlackBerry. It’s been around for a while, but not with the new BBM 6 […]

In Abu Dhabi, During Holy Month of Ramadan…Play Backgammon

Here is an interesting way to pass the time of day if you happen to be spending time in Abu Dhabi during the most holy month of Ramadan. Play backgammon. This month, the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi will offer a lavish Iftar buffet complete with Ramadan juices for only AED135 per person for adults and AED75 […]

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