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Advanced Backgammon Tactics

After all is said and done with the mathematics and “right moves” in backgammon, you need to move to another level. You will, after your initial birth into the game, hopefully be by now a convert! What this means is that the books out there become somewhat redundant for you- as you will be playing […]

Improve Your Backgammon

When you own a cube actually has some worth. Owning – in this instance – means having the ability to double your opponent, but your opponent cannot. Let us say that your opponent is having a good roll and has checkers on his 5 and 6 points. You, on the other hand, have 3 checkers […]

The course of a backgammon game

The game of backgammon is actually a race. Although luck plays a major role, a player must use his own strategy to win the game. The goal of the player is to move his checkers, with each roll of the dice, past those of his opponent and remove them from the board. At first, the […]

Looking at a few backgammon basics

Backgammon as a game can be deceptively simple. The basic rules can be considered as a bit complicated, yes. But once it has been explained to you then it all falls into place and you realize that it is not that hard to understand after all. But once you are already playing you realize that […]

Different Backgammon Games

To the general public, the mention of backgammon probably only means a single game. Yet to backgammon enthusiasts and to those who are potentially interested in the game, the single word can mean a lot. In truth, just like card games there are countless variants of the game, ranging from children’s games to those that […]

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