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Online Backgammon Players: Are You Worried About Security?

I’m always worried about security when I play online. I’ve read too many stories about scams. On the other hand, I love playing backgammon online. What else can I say. Hackers proliferate everywhere, so it is any wonder that online players have reasons for concerns. Well, you should be cautious. But don’t let it ruin […]

No More Bots For Play65

I don’t know about you, but I can’t abide cheaters. I know that deep inside each person, there is that tendency (however slight it may be) to try and be in an advantageous position. I suppose that is inherent in humans. After all, we all fight to survive and to come out on top. But […]

Would You Bet On Your Life In Backgammon?

I sure wouldn’t! I would like to think that I am good enough to be able to put my life at stake but I still really am not inclined to make a bet on that. Apparently, some people do – at least that is what the newspapers reported in late November. According to the reporters, […]

Backgammon For Blood

Only in Russia. Some people take backgammon way too seriously.   Read this news story about a guy in Russia who staked his life on a game of backgammon.  Unfortunately, he lost both the game and his life. The person who won the game and did the murder is named Smirnitsky, and when he was […]

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