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History Tells Us…Backgammon Will be Around Forever (YEA!)

I was pouring through some old books about ancient games and of course, came across backgammon, my favorite game. Did you know that throughout the history of backgammon, the Church attempted various times to ban the game, but constantly failed. Cardinal Woolsey, in the 16th century, ordered all the boards burned, calling the game “the devil’s folly.” Burning the boards was […]

Famous Backgammon Players: A List

Backgammon, as all of you fellow BG fanatics know, is one of the best games in the world. Even celebrities play. The following celebrities have reported to be keen backgammon players: Note, obviously, some of these celebrities, such as Groucho Marx are dead. Alan Rosenberg – Actor Brian May – Musician Don Adams – Actor […]

Amidst the Chaos: Backgammon Players Enjoy a Moment of Peace

  With all that is going on in Syria, isn’t it amazing that in some quarters, life goes on. And in the Middle East, quite often, that means people playing backgammon, one of the most popular games in that part of the world. So I came across this photo. It shows a bit of normalcy […]

Well, There Might be a War Going On….But We Still Have Backgammon

Picture this. Riots in the street. A government crumbling. Chaos. Where are we talking about? Beirut, Lebanon. But life does go on. And thank God for backgammon,

Tawla, or Backgammon in Iran is Very Popular Too (of Course)

How often do you hear that backgammon is not just one of the world’s oldest games, but is still played (perhaps in variation) around the world today. Take Tawla. Tawla is one of the oldest and most famous backgammon strategy games in history, as well as a staple in Egyptian cafes, along with Turkish coffee.

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