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Want to Learn How to Play Backgammon Online? Try Play65…for a Good Time (and Good Tutorials)

A friend the other day asked me if I knew of a site where she could learn how to play backgammon in an un-stressful, at her own pace. I looked around. I surfed the net. I looked at books. And then I went to Play65. Bingo. Or, should I say, gammon. Go there. The site […]

In Abu Dhabi, During Holy Month of Ramadan…Play Backgammon

Here is an interesting way to pass the time of day if you happen to be spending time in Abu Dhabi during the most holy month of Ramadan. Play backgammon. This month, the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi will offer a lavish Iftar buffet complete with Ramadan juices for only AED135 per person for adults and AED75 […]

Every Hear of Garden Gammon? New York Dude is Awesome, So Go to His Site

This is such a cool idea that I thought I’d give this man some publicity.  His name is — Steve Schreiber, of New York. Google him and go to his page. You rock, man. He put together a project called GARDEN GAMMON. And he deserves all the credit for this page. Below are his descriptions.   Now, […]

Backgammon Books; What the Pros Recommend (and You Should Take Heed)

I love to read “how to” books. Like how to win playing blackjack…yes, I am am an amateur card counter. So…as an active BG player, I was wondering what most BG players are reading. I did some research. Here’s what I found out. Classic Backgammon Revisited is one book several top players recommend. Ever wonder […]

Famous Backgammon Players: A List

Backgammon, as all of you fellow BG fanatics know, is one of the best games in the world. Even celebrities play. The following celebrities have reported to be keen backgammon players: Note, obviously, some of these celebrities, such as Groucho Marx are dead. Alan Rosenberg – Actor Brian May – Musician Don Adams – Actor […]

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