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Backgammon for Your BlackBerry…Nice Integration Program Available Improves the Experience

I have a friend (well, more than one) with a BlackBerry and keeps on looking for a great (not good) Backgammon program. He likes Backgammon King. A good program, but now it’s improved. Try Backgammon King by Magmic Games, made for BlackBerry. It’s been around for a while, but not with the new BBM 6 […]

Want to Learn How to Play Backgammon Online? Try Play65…for a Good Time (and Good Tutorials)

A friend the other day asked me if I knew of a site where she could learn how to play backgammon in an un-stressful, at her own pace. I looked around. I surfed the net. I looked at books. And then I went to Play65. Bingo. Or, should I say, gammon. Go there. The site […]

Every Hear of Garden Gammon? New York Dude is Awesome, So Go to His Site

This is such a cool idea that I thought I’d give this man some publicity.  His name is — Steve Schreiber, of New York. Google him and go to his page. You rock, man. He put together a project called GARDEN GAMMON. And he deserves all the credit for this page. Below are his descriptions.   Now, […]

The Road to the International Backgammon Championship Begins Here. Now!

Those of you who read this posting regularly KNOW that I HATE to use press releases as sources of information. I’d rather use my contacts (real people) around the world. Nevertheless, every once in a while an organization puts out a release that says it all. Hence this week, something from the U.S. Backgammon Federation…. […]

Want to Try a Cool Variation of a Standard Backgammon Game? Try Tawula, a Turkish Game

Everyone who reads this knows how much I love BG. But every once in a while it’s pretty cool to try a variation on the standard game. That’s one reason I love the internet. You can find sites where these games are available. FREE. Several different variations of backgammon have found their way online

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