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Playing better online tournament poker

One very successful tournament poker player once told me that you should never stop thinking about how you can get your hands on your opponent’s chips in a poker tournament. There is a difference between successful tournament professionals and novice tournament players and the top pros are always trying to figure out how to get […]

Thinking on a Higher Level

All online poker players think on level 1, this is the basic level of understanding of what hand you are holding. When you first look at your hand then you understand how strong it is on a basic level. However we then move onto level 2 thinking where we also have to think about the […]

Getting busy early in cash games

I often think that in full ring cash games that a player needs to be more aggressive these days than the table average. However this reflects where you need to be in any poker game. I think it is a big mistake to go into any poker game with a fixed strategy. This is why […]

Too Much Poker Dross

If I had to appear on the TV programme “Room 101” and quote my pet hates then generalising would be very near the top. In fact in poker you hear generalised quotes all over the place. A generalisation is a statement or quote that is often true. If it were never true then people would […]

Bet Sizing Mistakes in NLHE

Let us diverge briefly to talk about two fictional people (could easily be real) called Bob and Ken. Both Bob and Ken run their identical businesses where both of them sell clothes. Bob on the one hand is very keen on paying the absolute minimum for the stock that he purchases and pays $5 per […]

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