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Lawyer By Day, Competitive ‘Gammon Player By Night

A friend in Connecticut sent me something she read in the Connecticut Law Journal and I thought it was pretty cool. The story was about a New Haven lawyer named Marcy Kossar who is getting back into competitive backgammon playing. Good for her. Kossar, we understand, is an avid backgammon player. But for her, it’s more […]

Andy Beal versus ‘The Corporation’

This article is more of a guilty pleasure than an article on poker strategy, so could be of interest to many, including those more used to working with Scratch Cards than playing poker. It is about the billionaire Andy Beal and his attempt in 2004 to beat the best poker players in the world in […]

The Rise Of The Bots

The term “bots” has gotten an ill-reputation for itself. Perhaps it is mainly due to the fact that humans tend to take advantage of these bots and use them to gain an unfair edge over other human players. However, bots are not necessarily evil. If you think about it, automated trainers for backgammon (and other […]

Uli Koch: King Of Backgammon

Uli Koch is sitting on the left Ever heard of Uli Koch?  If you followed the proceedings at the London Open Champion, you would know who he is.  He has been called my many the King of Backgammon.  How so? From May 30 to May 31, the tournament was held at Doggett’s Coat and Badge […]

Who Is Oswald Jacoby?

Who is he indeed? If you have been a backgammon fan for a long time, the name might ring a bell. Alternatively, if you play other games such as bridge, you would also probably recognize the name. Oswald Jacoby became best known for his association with bridge but he met undisputed success in the field […]

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