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The need to double better in backgammon

As I remarked in my previous article, backgammon is incredibly similar to games like poker and chess and the doubling cube brings poker into the equation even more. I play almost exclusively poker these days at sites like  but that isn’t because I like playing poker more. In fact if I were to be […]

Going up in skill level

The cube introduces a whole new and multi-layered element to the game of backgammon. I have often thought that the delicate blend of strategy and piece movement along with strategic placement combined with playing for money and odds and equity makes backgammon sort of like a blend of chess and poker. Some of the better […]

Don’t play into a weaker players hands

Many professional backgammon players like to show off against the beginner or amateur by “coming from behind”. This means lulling the opponent into a false sense of security by getting taken off the board with one or two pieces and letting them initially build up their board and look like they are well ahead. There […]

Using the doubling cube

The importance of the doubling dice cannot be overly stressed and the equity calculations are similar to online poker calculations in poker hands like you would see in the cash games at poker sites. Without it, backgammon can be a relative game of chance within a 30-40% margin. With it, luck only comes in at […]

The importance of the opening

A usual trick question that arises when you are learning how to play is “What position is the most common to come up in backgammon?”The answer is inevitably the starting position. Since this position is the one that comes out the most frequently when playing this game it is quite important that you really know […]

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