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Going up in skill level

The cube introduces a whole new and multi-layered element to the game of backgammon. I have often thought that the delicate blend of strategy and piece movement along with strategic placement combined with playing for money and odds and equity makes backgammon sort of like a blend of chess and poker. Some of the better […]

Playing The Turn in Poker

The turn causes problems because many players just see it as a stop-gap between the flop and the river. But if you can play it well, like every other part of poker, you will profit. Those studying poker games at sites like note how the turn is often the make-or-break part of a hand; where […]

Strategies: Why Not Concentrate on Not Allowing Your Opponent to Escape with High Numbers? Try This New Tact and it Might Pay Off

I know. I know. Even I do it. I always try to escape my runners first and  AFTER that concentrate on blocking my opponent. But maybe there is a better strategy to play, one the experts suggest could lead to wins. Why not revent the opponent from escaping with high numbers such as 6? Perhaps […]

And Now For Another Cool Backgammon Variation: In Bulgaria, They Play Tapa

Before I get into this week’s variation, I wanted to thank everyone who emailed me wishing my son a speedy recovery from his accident. He did have emergency surgery, and he is recovering. So, thanks everyone. Your good thoughts meant a whole lot to me. Now, to our continuing series on backgammon variants: Tapa. The […]

Playing by the Rules: What About Doublets?

Another in our series on backgammon rules. Today: Doublets: If the same number appears on both dice, for example, 2-2 or 3-3 (known as doublets), the caster is entitled to four moves instead of two. Thus, if he rolls 3-3, he can move up to four men, but each move must consist of three spaces. […]

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